for César Vallejo


it’s raining
in Bais

the cold is throbbing
at the corners
of this room

the cold is the belfry echoing

the cold is darker here

I seek the plume
that stoked the holes
of those tiny moments
lost among the smoke

I keep hearing that voice
caught in the noise
of the edges of the city
where the crow buried its beak
where silence is mud

the night is a circle
that I must
always enter

Simon Anton Niño Diego Baena hails from Bais City, Negros Oriental, and is the author of two chapbooks, The Magnum Opus Persists in the Evening [Jacar Press] and The Lingering Wound (2River). He was a semi-finalist for the Tomaz Salamun Prize at VERSE in 2021. His work is forthcoming in The Columbia Review, South Dakota Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, Apalachee Review, Louisiana Literature, and elsewhere.